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Suspended Ceiling Contractors in Glasgow

The often forgotten space over everyone’s head in your office or workplace can be improved in terms practical and aesthetic by installing suspended ceilings.

With the choice of suspended ceiling systems that we can make available to you, you can readily rejuvenate the look and mood of a working environment, while cutting energy costs, simplifying maintenance and improving acoustics.

Suspended ceilings are no longer just a convenient way to cover up unsightly wires, pipes and imperfections on the ceiling.

Nowadays they offer so much more.

They come in a wide range of colours, textures, patters and designer finishes, making them some of the most desirable solutions when it comes to redesigning your ceiling and expressing your personal taste.

  • Suspended ceiling systems resist mould, bacteria, sagging, humidity and condensation, such as in kitchens and washrooms.
  • A suspended ceiling grid will improve acoustic environment by reducing noise pollution from above floors above.
  • Stay safe: we recommend suspended ceiling tiles that are fire-retardant and conform to industry flame-spread.
  • Boost insulation: suspended ceiling systems can lower heating or cooling costs.
  • Suspended ceilings with a reflective white surface help create brighter workspaces, optimising your use of lighting. Lower your ceiling, lower your energy consumption.
  • Good footprints on your ceiling: minimise your carbon footprint with ceiling panels and tiles incorporating recycled products, readily sourced by ACI Contracts.

Types of Suspended Ceilings

Some of the most popular types of suspended ceiling include;

Exposed Grid

These are the most common type of suspended ceiling.

Long metal strips (mains) are connected with sorter metal pieces (tees) to form a grid.

They are then fitted with acoustic ceiling tiles.

Concealed Grid

A concealed grid suspended ceiling gives a sleeker, smoother and much clean look.

It’s far more aesthetically pleasing but is also more expensive than the exposed system.

The tiles have small grooves built into them so that they slide onto the mains and tees, which covers them.

Types of Tile

When it comes to the type of tile to use for your suspended ceiling, you won’t be short on choice.

You can choose between a smooth or textured tile, in a range of colours and can even have tiles printed with designs and patterns.

It is common for suspended ceilings in hospitals to be mould and mildew resistant.

For schools and other large commercial organisations tiles with good acoustic absorption are normally used.