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Heavy Duty Industrial Partitions

Whether it is a simple dividing wall you need to create or the segregation of several different areas, you’ll find we have the perfect solution.

Along with the most efficient approach to completing the job, we enable you and your business to work the way you want to with our range of industrial partitioning systems.

We supply and fit a full range of industrial partitions for commercial and industrial uses.

See our recent case study which used industrial partitioning.

Optimise Your Workspace

Industrial partitioning gives you complete control over your workspace.

We understand every business got different needs, not only that but every business’s needs change.

Whether this be week to week, day to day, or hour to hour.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of fixed and movable industrial partitions to suit all needs, present and future.

Minimise Disruption

When you opt for industrial partitioning, rather than a permanent wall, you aren’t just minimising disruption now, you are also minimising it in the future.

Installing and demolishing solid brick walls are extremely costly when it comes to both time and money. Partitions give you a similar solution but with far more benefits.

Maximise Floor Space

Partitioning allows you to maximise the use of your workspace. The partition systems we provide (particularly the monobloc system) are self-supporting and can be made for any height warehouse or factory. Despite the height our partitions take up minimal floor space, giving you the best results at the best prices.

“Every job comes with quality, reliability and efficiency built in.”