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Glass Partition Installers in Central Scotland

Glass Partitions are the perfect solution for creating a more private space without causing complete seclusion.

We can also create a sleek and modern aesthetic within your office or commercial space.

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Glass Partitions by ACI Contracts

We use the best quality materials to ensure an immaculate finish.

The typical partition systems we use are listed below.

The system used for your project will depend on what type of partition you require.

Requesting a special design will for your partition will also determine what materials we can use.

For more information about types of partitions you can complete our contact form.

Glass Partitions for the Office

There is a large variety of office partitions available on the market today.

For example some new buildings require partitions as part of the design, or in the case of a building refurbishment.

A common need for office partitions is to have flexibility in the layout of an office for different situations.

A call centre is an example of an office layout which may require alterations on a regular basis.

Changes in the size of teams or a turnover in contracts could lead to the office being reorganised.

Demountable partitions would be applicable in this instance.

Further examples of possible partition application are:

  • Educational buildings i.e. schools, colleges and universities
  • Leisure facilities i.e. gyms, sports clubs and museums
  • Retail establishments
  • Industrial and manufacturing locations
  • Health care facilities i.e. health centres, dentists and hospitals
  • Transport facilities i.e. airport terminals, bus and train stations

Style of Glass Partition

Glass partitions can be customised to each offices specific requirements.

Whether you require more light or a little bit more privacy.

Some of the different types of glass partitions include;

  • Frosted glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Coloured glass

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