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Bi Fold & Internal Folding Doors

It’s never been simpler to make interior spaces flexible.

Modern folding screens and door systems offer easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eye options that let you open up whole halls for bigger functions, and in next to no time divide the space up into more compact areas.

Expand to the maximum or create a suite of different spaces: it’s up to you and your ambitions.

Slide your plans into place with folding screens

For diverse offices, hotels, schools, colleges, universities, halls, shops, hospitals and churches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and across Scotland.

We provid high quality sliding folding partition solutions, enhancing productivity and enabling greater efficiency.

We can provide screening that gives acoustic baffling and whether it’s bi-folds, multifolds, concertina dividers or glazed folding walls you want.

We can assist with scalable, practical and economical answers, all professionally carried out from start to final handover.

Different Types of Folding Screens

Some of the most popular types of folding screens include;

Acoustic Movable Wall

Acoustic movable walls are individual panels that do not require a floor track to operate. Once they are closed and locked they offer soundproofing, insulation and look like a permanent partition system. Making them ideal for a busy office.

Frameless Glass Operable Wall

The frameless glass system will give your office space a very sleek and modern look. The reinforced glass panels are hung from the ceiling and can be installed with an optional floor guide for extra safety and security. These panels can either be separate or hinged and there are a large variety of options when it comes to glass manifestation.

Sliding Folding Partitions

Also known as a hinged panel, this system is both quick and easy to use. It works on a continuous hinged system and gives the appearance of a normal movable screen. Features of this type of folding screen includes the option of partial or full glazed panels, as well as the option of stacking the panels at one or both sides of the divide.

Folding Concertina Vinyl Wall

Folding concertina folding screens are among the cheapest and are extremely quick to operate. The downside to this system is that it has lower sound reduction than most other systems. These systems can be either hung from the top or supported from the floor.